Manic Custom Guitars is a small company. We make every guitar with love from planks to setup.

The workshop is located a 10 minute drive north of Helsingborg, Sweden.

In a town called Viken.

(about 90min from Copenhagen.DK)

Michael Åkesson (master builder)

My guitars are made to be played..... Alot! As soon as you pick up a MANIC C Guitar, you will instantly notice my signature neck profile that makes it so comfortable to play. A fretboard compound radious that is different to other brands, to get the vintage feel and comfort with a rounder radious and a blazing, flatter radious at the higher frets to get a really smooth and low action without the "fretouts".... even an ultra low action ;) if thats what you prefere.

Another thing is the stability and Performance of the guitar.

-It has to work perfectly every time. you rely on the stability of a good guitar that stays in tune. A guitar that, no matter how much beatin' it gets, it just delivers like you want it to do. 

All guitars that leave the workshop to go out into the world of the unknown.!. have been carefully stress-tested and handled with love to fit its purpose. I give you your new workhorse. 


Michael Åkesson